The first nursing college accredited by NAAC with A grade and highest CGPA score of 3.17 in the first cycle ( RAF) ,India.

Nursing is a holistic profession with much extended role to manage the patient care services. In the present scenario there is an increased demand for nursing in diversified settings. So the nursing students need additional knowledge and skills to cope up with the emerging challenges.

Indirani college of Nursing offers numerous value added courses based on the need identified through the in depth assessment of the nursing field. Each year students are provided with the opportunity to enroll in value added courses offered by the Senior faculties and External experts for a maximum 16 hours duration.

Value added courses are

  • Biomedical Waste Management
  • Stress Management
  • Professional Ethics
  • Legal aspects in Nursing
  • Cyber crime Awareness
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Professional Ethics
  • Integrated skill Training
  • Financial Management
  • Ward Management
  • Fire safety measures