The first nursing college accredited by NAAC with A grade and highest CGPA score of 3.17 in the first cycle ( RAF) ,India.



         Indirani College of Nursing conducts Parent-teacher meeting biannually, once at the end of first sessional examination and once before the commencement of university examination during the revision period with a formed agenda. Parents or the caregiver is communicated about the meeting and invited to compulsorily attend the meeting without fail. The agenda includes:

  1. To discuss about the curriculum implemented
  2. To discuss the performance in the unit tests and sessional exams conducted.
  3. To discuss with the parents regarding coaching of students according to the category.
  4. To discuss the co curricular and extracurricular activities the student is involved.
  5. To discuss the miscellaneous activities namely students’ health, Discipline etc…


The curriculum imparted is explained to the parents. The number of subjects covered, details about the unit tests and sessional exam conducted and the internal marks scored. The performance of the student is discussed with them in detail concentrating on the marks obtained, strength and weakness of the student highlighting the areas of improvement. The efforts taken to concentrate the students by giving remedial classes is discussed with the parents. Their doubts regarding curriculum and students performance is clarified.

The feedback of the parents is most valued and welcomed, concentrating on parents’ suggestions for improving the all round development of the student. Any grievances if the parents have, they are motivated to express it freely and their concern is taken care of at once. The suggestions obtained from the parents are summarized, and analyzed. Suggestions regarding remedial actions are discussed with the parents and implemented.

The remedial actions suggested by the parents are organized and implemented. The performance of the student after the implementation of remedial measures are analyzed and recorded for further action.