The first nursing college accredited by NAAC with A grade and highest CGPA score of 3.17 in the first cycle ( RAF) ,India.


News & Events
News & Events 2018
1.January MONTH OF JAN.docx10.01.2019Ladder towards toxicology
13.01.2019Pongal celebration
27.01.2019 – 30.01.2019IGGH Sports Meet / Kathirkamam.
28.01.2019Fresher’s day celebration
2.February MONTH OF FEB.docx12.02.2019Sexual and reproductive awareness day
26.02.2019 – 02.03.2019AGON 2K19 / SVMCH&RC
3.March MONTH OF MARCH.docx08.03.2019International women’s day
14.03.2019World kidney day
23.03.2019 – 24.03.2019Inter university nurses sports meet / MTPG &RI
26.03.2019World tuberculosis day
4.APRIL MONTH OF APR.docx03.04.2019World health day
10.04.2019Lamp lighting ceremony
5.MAY MONTH OF MAY.docx02.05.2019Alumni Association meeting
12.5.2019International Nurses Day
31.05.2019Guest lecturer- Burns
6.JUNE MONTH OF JUNE.docx19.06.2019Thanks giving party
21.06.2019Farewell party
21.06.2019International Yoga Day
26.6.2019International Day Against Drug Abuse
7.JULY MONTH OF JULY.docx11/07/2019World Population Day
11.7.2019Guest lecturer- Respiratory infection
13.07.2019Health Camp
16.7.2019Graduation Day
29.07.2019ORS day celebration
8.AUGUST MONTH OF AUGUST.docx4.8.2019Mock Drill
05.08.2019Breast feeding week celebration
9.8.2019Dengue Awarness Programme
10.8.2019Swacch Pakhwara
13.8.2019Swacch Bharath
Event Name Week on Treatment of Indigenous System of Medicine Among Public / Ayurveda Unit / Ariyur PHC & Treatment of Minor Ailments in Government Primary School / Keezhsathamangalam Health Program / Prevention of Worm Infestation Schizophrenia Day Education on Vector Born Diseases Among Students Drug Abuse Day Rally on Drug Abuse Party on Population Control through IEC Activities Population Day Awareness Ceremony Source Reduction and Awareness of Prevention Of Dengue Through Rally / Ariyur Phc, Anandhapuram, And Pangur. Ors Day Breast Feeding Week Rally / Breast Feeding and Growth & Development Of Children Blood Donation Day – 12.08.18Aura (PIMS) Immunization Program / Kamban Higher Secondary School / Nettapakkam Program School Students in Kamban Higher Secondary School / Nettapakkam Yoga Day Celebration & 28.08.18International Youth Day Street Play On Prevention of Aids / Hiv Donation Day – Poster Compitition Health Program on Prevention Of Dental Carries At Keezhsathamangalam Development Program / RGGH Day Day Donation Day – Quize Compitition Suicide Prevention Day Screening for School Children Keezhsathamangalam Health Education – Screening, Diagnosing Minor Ailments / Keezhsathamangalam Youth Day – Rally Borne Diseases / Source Identification / Reduction of Breeding Sources In Community And Door Steps Of Houses Welfare Association Sports Meet / Gorimedu Heart Day (Emerging Trends In Interventional Cardiology Education Program / Rastriya Poshan Maa (Balanced Diet) / Ariyur PHC Mental Health Day Program / Japanese Encephalitis / Ariyur Village Eye Sight Day Poojai Celebration Health Education Program / Improving Mental Health Among Young People / SVMCH &RC to 3.11.18Vigilance Awareness Week 2018 Nursing Care Diabetes Day Day Celebration